Letter to God

Dear God, Thank you for giving me this chance to thank you. Thank you for everything that I am today for nothing ever happened to me without your mercy. For all the favours and even the rejections because within it I found your unfathomable wisdom. You have given me ears to listen, eyes to see,… Continue reading Letter to God

Be Humble

Are you afraid of losing your status with the people? Are you afraid of losing the one you if you become a better Muslim? Are you afraid of your family or friends turning against you? Are you afraid that your work and income will be affected? Are you afraid for your own personal safety? Are… Continue reading Be Humble

I Choose

While they choose war, I choose Peace While they choose hate, I choose Love While they choose noise, I choose Silence While they choose dissapointment, I choose Encouragement While they choose conflict, I choose Harmony While they choose bitterness, I choose Sweetness While they choose meanness, I choose Kindness While they choose rudeness, I choose… Continue reading I Choose


When you walk along the beach, a common sight is that of children and sometimes adults, building sandcastles. They scoop damp sand and use their buckets and spades to shape the sandcastle, slightly away from the waves but where the sand is still moist from the previous tide. Beachgoers build sandcastles for fun, knowing from… Continue reading Sandcastles

Complaining and Blaming

Some people can never be happy. They complain that they work too hard, and then complain that they are bored at home during the weekends. Summer is too hot, and winter is too cold. The food is too salty, the water is too sweet. I even saw someone in a restaurant complaining that her seafood… Continue reading Complaining and Blaming

Chasing the wrong dreams

Have we ever wondered whether the reasons our dreams don’t come true is because we may be chasing the wrong dreams, and that the chase is backed up by the wrong guidelines? Whenever we aspire towards something, and whenever we achieve something in life, we feel as if a fundamental need has been fulfilled. We… Continue reading Chasing the wrong dreams