Project Smile

Linguistically, "barakah" means increase. It is a hidden and intangible blessing which Allah can bestow upon anyone He chooses. This blessing can be bestowed by way of increased health, wealth, time, progeny, happiness in this life and happiness in the hereafter. The ultimate barakah is when Allah is pleased with you, resulting in Him looking… Continue reading Project Smile

Complaining and Blaming

Some people can never be happy. They complain that they work too hard, and then complain that they are bored at home during the weekends. Summer is too hot, and winter is too cold. The food is too salty, the water is too sweet. I even saw someone in a restaurant complaining that her seafood… Continue reading Complaining and Blaming


The Qur'an is a miraculous script, containing the words of Allah. It is not merely a collection of Arabic passages verses to be ritually memorised and recited. The Qur’an is the encyclopaedia and the map for our lives in this world, containing a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and guidance. The Qur'an is the only surviving… Continue reading DEMYSTIFYING THE QUR’AN