Golden Advice

“There’s nothing more sufficient than when someone disobeys The Almighty in dealing with you, you do nothing but obey The Almighty in dealing with him. Place the affairs of your brother when they reach you upon  the best of interpretations until there comes to you clarity which overcomes that. Do not think ill of a… Continue reading Golden Advice

One Sin led to his Repentance

A righteous man was once asked to tell the story of the pivotal moment of his life, the moment in which he first began to apply the teachings of Islam, and the following was his answer: When I was a young man, I would not hesitate to perpetrate any sin that was made available to… Continue reading One Sin led to his Repentance

Intellect and Ignorance

Intellect is your best friend and ignorance is your worst enemy. The best accumulation in this life is intellect with good manners, and the worst calamity is ignorance coupled with bad manners. At the same time, guard against becoming conceited because of your knowledge. Arrogance has caused the downfall of prominent scholars, who imagined that… Continue reading Intellect and Ignorance


Allah the Almighty emphasizes that the ending belongs to Him. We do not know what that ending is, and we are not in control of it. We pointlessly worry, dread and second guess. Before long, we become over reliant on our actions and lose our trust in Allah. If so we need to develop respect… Continue reading Ending

Cherish the Guidance

We should remember that guidance is a gift from Allah, and the same way that He chooses to guide whoever He wants, He can also snatch that guidance away in the blink of an eye if we do not cherish the guidance that He has granted us and thank him for it, and protect ourselves… Continue reading Cherish the Guidance


If we are believers, we can see the truth, even against ourselves, and are willing to humble ourselves and admit our mistakes. If we can do this, we have developed another strength, which to turn our backs from what we desire. Our salvation as a mu’min overrides all else. However, if everyone remains stuck in his own… Continue reading You

Lack of Gratitute

One of the earliest lessons learnt about the downfall of Iblis [Devil] was his lack of gratitude to Allah, when he became jealous of Adam AS’s creation and refused to prostrate to him even though Allah commanded him to. It started with the lack of gratitude by Iblis, which escalated into jealousy, arrogance and finally… Continue reading Lack of Gratitute

Yes I do.

Do you believe in fate/destiny? Some verses of the Holy Qur’an expressly support the rule of destiny. They state that nothing happens in the world without the Will of Allah and that every event is already recorded in the ‘Book’. A few of the Qur’anic verses to this effect are quoted: “Every affliction that falls… Continue reading Yes I do.