Letter to God

Dear God,

Thank you for giving me this chance to thank you. Thank you for everything that I am today for nothing ever happened to me without your mercy. For all the favours and even the rejections because within it I found your unfathomable wisdom.

You have given me ears to listen, eyes to see, nose to smell and breath, mouth for eating and breathing and skin to sense and protect me at the same time. Within the very few favors that I mentioned, I highlighted the very little use of it but Allah you know the broader usage of everything that you have given me. I dont thank you enough sometimes or I dont thank you at all sometimes because thats the nature of us humans we do not appreciate things we have untill its gone. When a day come and my eyes no longer see anything its the day I will remember you by blaming why you took it away!? Astaghfirullah.

Forgive me my Lord, forgive me for my shortcomings and selfishness. Help me realize your greatness and appreciate you in every matter in my life. Help me worship you always, for no one has ever put you first and ever be last. You are the most merciful and most forgiving. No matter how many times I fail, you never leave me! In the very deepest darkness moments in my life you picked me up as I was a saint. Thank you my Lord, you are everything to me. Nothing can come first before you, nor proffesion, nor a spouse, nor a child or a parent because they can be merciful but NEVER as you are.

I am not perfect but I will forever striving to live in your cause, because not only you are the magnificent but also you are the love of my life. Please my Lord help me establish lawful/halal lifestyle in every single aspect of my life.



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