Be Humble

Are you afraid of losing your status with the people? Are you afraid of losing the one you if you become a better Muslim? Are you afraid of your family or friends turning against you? Are you afraid that your work and income will be affected? Are you afraid for your own personal safety? Are you afraid that people will laugh at you? Whatever the hidden concern, no matter how serious or ridiculous that issue may seem, address this issue with Allah. Confront your fears instead of hiding behind the shield of unpreparedness. You will find that many of these doubts are unfounded and that Allah has the solution for all the issues that you are worried with – it being a solution that benefits you in dunia and akhirah, and not just a solution that gives you a temporary buzz in dunia.

Even if you are genuinely not ready to be a better Muslim, ask Allah to make you ready, and to give you strength and ability and guidance. The rest will fall into place, insha Allah.

The main components of being a better Muslims are humbleness and humility. Islam means submission to Allah, which requires us to strip away our illusion of self sufficiency, and to acknowledge His greatness, power, wisdom and mercy.

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