The believer deals with what he likes and dislikes equally. He knows that nothing can happen without the will of The Almighty. Being happy with The Almighty when things are going smoothly is easy. But what if we slipped and fell because someone spilt water on the floor and didn’t clean up? If we obey our selves, we… Continue reading Believer

Golden Advice

“There’s nothing more sufficient than when someone disobeys The Almighty in dealing with you, you do nothing but obey The Almighty in dealing with him. Place the affairs of your brother when they reach you upon  the best of interpretations until there comes to you clarity which overcomes that. Do not think ill of a… Continue reading Golden Advice

Be Moderate

Usually, when we get excited about something, we try to implement too many things at once. In matters of Islam, this often resulting in radical but unsustainable changes – going cold turkey, or implementing extreme changes, without being spiritually prepared for it. An extremist approach usually causes more harm than good. The new found spiritual… Continue reading Be Moderate