Allah the Almighty emphasizes that the ending belongs to Him. We do not know what that ending is, and we are not in control of it. We pointlessly worry, dread and second guess. Before long, we become over reliant on our actions and lose our trust in Allah. If so we need to develop respect… Continue reading Ending

Cherish the Guidance

We should remember that guidance is a gift from Allah, and the same way that He chooses to guide whoever He wants, He can also snatch that guidance away in the blink of an eye if we do not cherish the guidance that He has granted us and thank him for it, and protect ourselves… Continue reading Cherish the Guidance

To be moderate

What is the last thing you learned? I have been always kind of a person that always wants to go extra in goodness( I am grateful), though I do not think I am doing that enough. But with that, I have realized that people think they deserve it from you, to the point they will… Continue reading To be moderate