Eating habits

Eating in itself is not a problem. Rather, it is the addiction to habits and customs related to eating that is the issue. If this has occurred, then we need to break the cycle. From an Islamic point of view, our bodies are a trust(amanah). As the guardians of our bodies, we have the duty… Continue reading Eating habits

What does focus achieve? -2

Imagine when you are studying for your exams and you are trying to memorise a complex formula. You need a calm and peaceful environment, without the distraction of human babble or commotion, to concentrate. All libraries in the world have one thing in common, which is the strict observance of peace and silence. The human… Continue reading What does focus achieve? -2

Focus can give on strength- 1

Think of the extreme concentration of the martial artist. It takes years of intensive mental and physical training to develop. Once mastered, he is able to shut everyone else out apart from the posture that he is concentrating on. His mind, soul, body, muscles and energy are in complete synch, which is why he is… Continue reading Focus can give on strength- 1