Death is a humbling reminder of our own vulnerability, fragility and mortality. If there is any other lesson to consider, whenever we witness death we should also wonder who will be next. Could it be us?

Muslims are encouraged to recite Surah Ya-seen on the eve of every Friday as a means of commemorating our departed Muslim brothers and sisters. However, it is also a reminder for us, the ones who are still alive, to remedy our own misbehavior and turn back towards Allah before it is too late.

Visit a graveyard, and you will realize the utter loneliness of those buried there, as years go by, visitors stop frequenting, names fade from headstones and the dead are gradually erased from the memories of the living.

The same way that others have left their own footprints in our lives, what legacy are we leaving behind?

When it is time for us to breathe our last, who will weep for us and why?

Who will remember us and pray for us a year, a decade, a century, after we’ve gone?

What awaits us in the next life?

This is what life, and death, is truly about.

May Allah give us all a good ending, ameen.

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