I am not superstitious

Are you superstitious? I am not, due to the fact that islam strongly oppose belief in supernatural influences. As muslims, we believe that aything happens only Allah has the knowledge of it. [He is] Knower of the unseen, and He does not disclose His [knowledge of the] unseen to anyone] - Quran 72:26

Wake-Up Calls

Today, we as Muslims, We witness major disasters, diseases and instability all around us but ignore them. Instead, mankind has increased in arrogance and blindness, instead of having the humbleness and humility in trying to seek forgiveness and guidance from Allah SWT. Today, we are so occupied about maintaining our materialistic life that we ignore… Continue reading Wake-Up Calls

Why not Allah?

When we are in school, we behave well, do our homework, try to be the best and try to please our teachers and friends. At work, we obey our manager, and laugh at the client's jokes even if they are not funny. We do not question the decisions of those in authority and obey the… Continue reading Why not Allah?

To be moderate

What is the last thing you learned? I have been always kind of a person that always wants to go extra in goodness( I am grateful), though I do not think I am doing that enough. But with that, I have realized that people think they deserve it from you, to the point they will… Continue reading To be moderate