Nature ~ Nurture

These are two main factors that shape the development of our personalities.

The first is our nafs – our genetic characteristics. We were all created with our unique inborn characteristics, impulses, strengths and weaknesses. These natural desires determine our likes, dislikes, a large part of our disposition and our inbuilt strengths and weaknesses. These genetic imprints are known in Arabic as our jibillah. Similar to physical characteristics we inherited, such qualities are ingrained in us.

The second is our external influence. We are a sum of all our experiences and are constantly exposed to situations and circumstances that leave imprints on our dispositions. These include the books we read, the friends we mix with, events that we experienced, as well as our experiences, sensations and ideas.

We are the gatekeepers of our own souls, and we should constantly be vigilant of the ones we permit into the private and vulnerable spheres of our minds and hearts.

If we are sincere, we should seek the company of those who will help us achieve salvation in this life and in the hereafter.

And likewise, are our hearts, minds and behavior taking others along the right road? Are we sure that we are projecting, giving and showing the correct kind of influence?

12 thoughts on “Nature ~ Nurture”

  1. “We are the gatekeepers of our own souls.” Yes, indeed. Yet, as a Christian, I believe God (or Allah) is the gate. Do you, as a Muslim, agree? I am not challenging you, just asking about your beliefs. Blessings!

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    1. Thank you David, I want to put in a way that maybe it will be easy for you to get what I was trying to explain. Muslims and Christians both believe in only One God whom we as Muslims we call Him Allah. The meaning of gatekeeper to that content, is I am responsible for what I ALLOW to enter or not to enter according to how the House Owner (Almighty God) has ordered me to. I hope you understand my interpretation of ‘gaterkeeper’ to that content. And dont worry David ❤️

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  2. yeah that true, every soul is pure from birth but as the time passes the external factors and bad companies makes the soul take the wrong decisions
    I pray that everyone find a good soul pals and companies.

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