What does focus achieve? -2

Imagine when you are studying for your exams and you are trying to memorise a complex formula. You need a calm and peaceful environment, without the distraction of human babble or commotion, to concentrate. All libraries in the world have one thing in common, which is the strict observance of peace and silence. The human mind and heart is most receptive when it is in a tranquil environment.

It is this kind of pure focus during the remembrance of Allah that one can gain comprehension, enlightenment and tranquility.

For example, Prophet Ibrahim AS found Allah through deep thinking and pondering. He spent time looking at the stars, the moon and the sun in his quest to discover his Creator. All Messengers and Prophets, at some point prior to receiving the revelations, spent time as shepherds in the desert. This was the training ground for them to be in isolation – a sort of detoxification from the clamour of the material world.

Prophet Muhammad SAW received the first revelation after he had developed the habit of secluding himself regularly in the Cave of Hira’, during which time he spent days and weeks not communicating, while he was in meditation and contemplation about his Creator.

Like his predecessors in prophethood, he spent time to distil his thoughts to achieve the purity of focus, without the distractions of worldly life or Devil.

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