Prophet Musa [Moses] (AS) Pt 5

Many people think that the story of Musa AS ended after the crossing of the Red Sea. However, events continued to unfold after the destruction of Pharaoh. The story carries on with the new lives of Bani Israel, no longer overshadowed by the tyranny of Pharaoh’s regime. During the crossing of the Red Sea, angel… Continue reading Prophet Musa [Moses] (AS) Pt 5

Prophet Musa [Moses] (AS) Pt 3

THE DA’WAH OF MUSA AS Musa AS carried with him two commands for Pharaoh. The first was an invitation to Allah and the second was to release Bani Israel from all the torture and oppression imposed on them by Pharaoh’s regime. Proof was going to be required in this confrontation, and Musa AS was already… Continue reading Prophet Musa [Moses] (AS) Pt 3


As a child, and even into my adulthood, I was brought up to believe that all one needs to do to enter Paradise is to become a Muslim. This meant, from an academic understanding, to accept a certain belief system (the Islamic pillars of faith, such as the belief in God and His scriptures); solemnized… Continue reading ISLAM IS FROM THE INSIDE OUT,NOT THE OUTSIDE IN

Prophet Musa [Moses] (AS) Pt 2

A NEW LIFE Having killed a man, and knowing that the Pharaoh and his men were hot on his heels, Musa AS escaped Egypt. He did not know exactly where to head, for he had never stepped outside of Egypt before. Nevertheless, he went towards Madyan, and said that “I hope that my Lord will… Continue reading Prophet Musa [Moses] (AS) Pt 2

Prophet Lut (AS)

The Society of Lut AS Prophet Lut (Lot) AS was the nephew of Ibrahim AS. After parting ways with Ibrahim AS, Sarah and Hajr, he went to the city of Sodom. It was from here that homosexuality originated, for no one on earth had indulged in this act previously. We see from the first few… Continue reading Prophet Lut (AS)

Evetything is about LIGHT

Light is one of the most crucial elements of life and over the course of mankind, has come to symbolise goodness, beauty, vision, life and happiness. Light illuminates our surroundings, and allows us to discern what is happening around us. It is this ability to physically perceive that gives us the power to anticipate what… Continue reading Evetything is about LIGHT

How to start over after a life of sins?

People are difficult sometimes. Right? If you had an argument with someone, and then you try to talk to them again, you’ll feel like things are not the same anymore. They might not meet you with the same open arms and complete acceptance like before. And if you had several problems or downfalls with the… Continue reading How to start over after a life of sins?

Dealing with Hardships the very best way!

Dealing with Hardship Some people might think: “why do I have to be patient in the first place? Why can’t matters just get resolved immediately? Isn’t this easy for Allah to do? Why can’t He do it now? Why the suffering? Why does He have to put me through this?” There are many ways to… Continue reading Dealing with Hardships the very best way!

6 Tips to Remain Steadfast in Faith

Any great goal you want to achieve requires you to make a solid plan and put effort to achieve this dream goal. Right…? Now, how come we’d think of our faith as something we take for granted, or something we don’t need to put effort in to grow and strengthen…? The Prophet himself (peace and… Continue reading 6 Tips to Remain Steadfast in Faith

Abu Bakr As Siddiq (RA)

ABU BAKR AS-SIDDIQ RA (Life: 573AD – 634AD) (Caliphate: 632AD – 634AD) Preface: This is only a summary of the life of Abu Bakr As-Siddiq RA and in no way can it cover all the points of his story. It is not intended to be a biography, but rather a glimpse of the main incidents… Continue reading Abu Bakr As Siddiq (RA)