But Ramadhan is too hard

Fasting is not intended to inflict punishment upon the believers or to saddle them with unbearable burdens. Its main aim, as we have seen from the other articles, is to subdue our lust and material desires, such that we develop God consciousness. We are taught moderation and spiritual discipline so that our beings are not… Continue reading But Ramadhan is too hard

Ramadhan- Compassion and Caring

Fasting as an institution for the purification of the soul is common to all the divine religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam). Records of various hadeeth bear testimony to the fact that fasting was a common religious practice among the pre-Islamic Arabs. For example, the Jews used to observe fast on the tenth of Muharram to… Continue reading Ramadhan- Compassion and Caring

Why Ramadhan is special

When Mohammad (SAW) saw the crescent, the new moon on the month of Rajab which is one month before Shaaban and two months before Ramadhan, he used to say : "Allahumma barik lana fi Rajab, wa Shaaban wa ballighna Ramadhan." (Oh Allah, give us the blessing of the month of Rajab and Shabaan and allow… Continue reading Why Ramadhan is special

True rewards of Ramadhan

There are various hadeeth which explain the rewards of Ramadhan, and the rewards are indeed plentiful. One such hadith mentions that the reward for each good deed is multiplied by 70 during Ramadhan. We often do things with the expectation of accumulating the rewards. In forgetting the purpose however, the ritual becomes a mathematical exercise,… Continue reading True rewards of Ramadhan

Ramadhan and Self-Restraint

Fasting is prescribed for all believers, and the word "siyam" means to restrain or abstain. In the early days, people used to fast from talking, and from other actions. In the context of Ramadhan, the prohibitions are more specific. All other pillars of Islam are demonstrated by physical actions that can be witnessed by others.… Continue reading Ramadhan and Self-Restraint

The Gifts of Ramadhan

Fasting is not intended to be a hardship. It is a time where Allah bestows His mercy upon us. Apart from the numerous benefits such as the multiplication of rewards, Ramadhan is also a time to gain Allah's forgiveness: AbĂ» Hurairah (RA) reported: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "The five daily (prescribed) Salat,… Continue reading The Gifts of Ramadhan

Project Smile

Linguistically, "barakah" means increase. It is a hidden and intangible blessing which Allah can bestow upon anyone He chooses. This blessing can be bestowed by way of increased health, wealth, time, progeny, happiness in this life and happiness in the hereafter. The ultimate barakah is when Allah is pleased with you, resulting in Him looking… Continue reading Project Smile

Purpose of Ramadhan

Someone once sent out a question on why we fast during Ramadhan. Some of the replies were: to detox, to gain rewards and to lose weight. There was little talk of the spiritual aspects to it. This got me thinking that throughout the passage of time, misinformation and lack of knowledge, we have lost the… Continue reading Purpose of Ramadhan