To excel in good manners

What do you wish you could do more every day? My wish for what I could do more everyday; is to be very good person, to be able to deal with different situations/people in a very kind way regardless of how I feel about it. As to do it only for the sake of The… Continue reading To excel in good manners

Why not Allah?

When we are in school, we behave well, do our homework, try to be the best and try to please our teachers and friends. At work, we obey our manager, and laugh at the client's jokes even if they are not funny. We do not question the decisions of those in authority and obey the… Continue reading Why not Allah?

Yes I do.

Do you believe in fate/destiny? Some verses of the Holy Qur’an expressly support the rule of destiny. They state that nothing happens in the world without the Will of Allah and that every event is already recorded in the ‘Book’. A few of the Qur’anic verses to this effect are quoted: “Every affliction that falls… Continue reading Yes I do.