Reliance only on the Almighty

Every believer wants to live in the mercy and pleasure of Allah, to live and die as a Muslim and to enter paradise with Allah's mercy. The believer holds tight to his faith with wisdom, good manner and calmness. The believer considers the consequences of his actions, frequently consults and makes istikharah. Many of us… Continue reading Reliance only on the Almighty

Trial after Trial

If you are chosen by Allah, your quality will increase. It is not dependent on any external condition, family connections or situation. The moment you demonstrate consistent quality in your outlook, attitude and behaviour, Allah will open for you and show you the way. The life of Yusuf AS was filled with intense hardship. Driven… Continue reading Trial after Trial

Traits that Almighty does not love.

Allah has also warned us against behaviour that He does not love. Naturally we should strive to avoid having these types of behaviour and characteristics. Transgression and aggression against each other. Physical aggression is an obvious example, but aggressive behaviour can also be characterised by verbal, financial and emotional aggression, intimidation and all other forms… Continue reading Traits that Almighty does not love.

But Ramadhan is too hard

Fasting is not intended to inflict punishment upon the believers or to saddle them with unbearable burdens. Its main aim, as we have seen from the other articles, is to subdue our lust and material desires, such that we develop God consciousness. We are taught moderation and spiritual discipline so that our beings are not… Continue reading But Ramadhan is too hard

Ramadhan- Compassion and Caring

Fasting as an institution for the purification of the soul is common to all the divine religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam). Records of various hadeeth bear testimony to the fact that fasting was a common religious practice among the pre-Islamic Arabs. For example, the Jews used to observe fast on the tenth of Muharram to… Continue reading Ramadhan- Compassion and Caring

True rewards of Ramadhan

There are various hadeeth which explain the rewards of Ramadhan, and the rewards are indeed plentiful. One such hadith mentions that the reward for each good deed is multiplied by 70 during Ramadhan. We often do things with the expectation of accumulating the rewards. In forgetting the purpose however, the ritual becomes a mathematical exercise,… Continue reading True rewards of Ramadhan