What makes you a human?

With me, I would say knowing and admitting there is only one God Almighty. Being dutiful to Him ( to obey Him and live by His rules) as He wanted according to Quran and Sunnah.

Also, being dutiful to myself as well, by loving, respecting, caring, for myself. Being able to distinguish haram and halal and trying hard to abandon the haram. And knowing that; everything I do, I actually will be held accountable for.

Being dutiful to my parents; by loving, respecting, caring, cherishing, protecting them whenever necessary. Family as the most important element which include all the relatives, I have to love and care for them as well.

Being dutiful to the society as well, and this include; creatures of the Almighty, including people, animals, enviroment I meam everything. Knowing that, in life we depend on each other whether we like it or not, life is a cycle. There is no point in harming one another and think we can simply get away with that, when its your turn you will feel the same exactly or even more than that.

So, with me. What makes me a human, is being able to realize why I was created and being dutiful to my Maker, myself, parents and family and society in general.


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