Why not Allah?

When we are in school, we behave well, do our homework, try to be the best and try to please our teachers and friends. At work, we obey our manager, and laugh at the client’s jokes even if they are not funny. We do not question the decisions of those in authority and obey the most ridiculous commands and work ethics without complaint. We even breach the lines of halal(right) and haram(wrong) just to impress and gain the approval of others. We give an enormous amount of respect, commitment, manner, priority of time, even if we are ill, to our bosses. When it comes to the earnings of dunia(worldly life), we behave impeccably. Why? It is because we have faith in the salary, and we believe that our good reputation in the market will increase our status in life. We want to be acknowledged and praised.

So how come we cannot stretch ourselves this way for Allah? We only see the rewards of dunia and are not patient enough to wait for our eternal rewards. We adopt the attitude that if something is unseen, it does not exist and not worth putting any effort for. We accept Allah’s bounties – forgiveness, protection, mercy, and guidance – without appreciation or gratitude, and without doing our part by showing obedience and gratitude.

Be sincere – the reality of the journey as a Muslim is to submit to Allah. The submission is a fruit of our thoughts and desires, goal in life and the anticipation of death and beyond.

Digest what you have just read, and slow down. Your journey will end either with the pleasure or wrath of Allah, so make sure you behave with caution


7 thoughts on “Why not Allah?”

  1. I have never met a bad Muslim. My family was a mixture of faiths and we all got along well. My great grandmother as a Muslim was told that women had no souls only men. She said she would ask God why women had no souls. She died praying.

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