If we could know the UNSEEN

If we could know the unseen, we would accept the present. When we belong to Allah, we know that everything has a wisdom.

But because of the temptation and weakness, and because we are blinded by the glare of dunia (worldly life), we do not see the wisdom of Allah. Maybe the wisdom is to give humbleness and humility to us.

Maybe we are the kind of person who, when we have dunia(worldly life), we are spiritually destroyed.

We have to be practical and still have our affairs of the dunia(worldly life), but we also need to attain spiritual stability first.

Achievement has no end until we go to the grave because we don’t know what will be accepted and what will rejected. So the effort continues.


5 thoughts on “If we could know the UNSEEN”

  1. “If we could know the unseen, we would accept the present.” Yes, we live in unceasing partnership with the Unseen. But it’s a very unusual partnership — where ordinarily we don’t see the Partner (though we do get intimations). Thanks Zaujat, for this thoughtful post.

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