Today’s thought

We need to stop ignoring the ALMIGHTY
If we ourselves hate to be ignored, how about the MAKER?
There might be ties for us not to totally pay attention to HIM
But thats not an excuse, we need to strive to know HIM for His sake
Same way we striving to get some worldy things, that we feel so proud after getting them done or obtaining them. I know,
The journey to know him is not easy and never ending.
Yet our Lord loves those who keep on trying.
But, if we dont try
People will never stop seeing PAIN hidden in our PRIDE.
And, we are not going to be SATISFIED.

8 thoughts on “Today’s thought”

  1. I quite agree with what you say here, Zaujat. Like our other relationships (but a good deal more so) this is not a relationship to be taken for granted. It needs our presence and our effort. It goes two-ways.

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  2. In Christianity, much is made of Jesus being our friend, which he is and so that’s fine. But I often think that we forget that God is also God and so our attitude should be one of awe and respect. I admire the way that you express that here.

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