Today’s Hadith

Reported by Abu Hurairah (RA): The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “The upper hand is better than the lower one (i.e., the spending hand is better than the receiving hand); and begin (charity) with those who are under your care; and the best charity is that which given out of surplus; and he who asks (Allah) to help him abstain from the unlawful and the forbidden, Allah will fulfill his wish; and he who seeks self-sufficiency will be made self-sufficient by Allah”.

8 thoughts on “Today’s Hadith”

  1. Thanks for this Zaujat. You have a beautiful piety. There is a rabbinic teaching on charity that seems to me a propos as well. The best kind of charity would be to (for example) teach a man how to be a fisherman. The next best would be to give him a fish. Do you happen to know of an equivalent teaching in the Hadith? There surely is one but it would be good to know how it is worded. All best!

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    1. Thank you Abigail. I appreciate. In islam it is very important to give charity as you do it for your Maker not the one who receiving. But in that case of teaching them how to fish there is this hadith “By the One in whose hand my life is, it is better for one of you to take a rope and carry firewood on his back than for him to go to someone and beg, who will either give him or refuse to give him anything.” It is not so advised to go ask for it, just try to work hard even if you gain little and the rest leave to the Almighty. Allah loves those who solely depend on Him. So as to say, give charity whenever necessary and even if you teach them how to generate their own income it is considered as charity as well in islam. God knows the best, and I hope I have tried.

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