Focus can give on strength- 1

Think of the extreme concentration of the martial artist. It takes years of intensive mental and physical training to develop. Once mastered, he is able to shut everyone else out apart from the posture that he is concentrating on. His mind, soul, body, muscles and energy are in complete synch, which is why he is able to move with split second timing and strike with perfect precision. His focus and discipline empowers him to harness a force powerful enough to shatter a stack of bricks. It is the focus, rather than the muscles, that gives him the concentrated power, to be able to pinpoint his energy on the target.

In today’s lifestyle, we do not have time for seclusion, to simply calm down. Our thoughts are cluttered with hundreds of tasks, endless chores, errands and deadlines. We do not have purity or clarity of thought because our minds and hearts are so congested we cannot even hear ourselves think. Just compare the average person to the monks living in secluded monasteries, who dedicate months and weeks to shut themselves from the world and to develop their strength of thinking. Compare their state of mental tranquility to our scrambled thoughts.

The Prophets and Messengers were extremely focused from an Islamic point of view. None of them received the revelations before first undergoing a period of seclusion during which they emptied their hearts and minds of the material world and contemplated about the Creator. They spent days, weeks and months in deep concentration and in the remembrance of Allah.

5 thoughts on “Focus can give on strength- 1”

  1. It is wonderful to see you post again, Zaujat. I have missed your thoughts here on WP.

    The Christian tradition is also rich with the value of seclusion. Jesus often went off by himself early in the morning to pray. His communion with God was clearly the most important thing in His life.

    Lately, I have been impressed by the writings of the 13th century Muslim cleric and poet Rumi. He has much wisdom to offer this world. Are you familiar with Rumi?


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    1. Thank you David, I really like your kind gesture. I know the tradition of Christians is not that much different from that of Muslims based on the life of the prophets and teachings in general.
      About Rumi, I read some of his quotes. But to be honest I have not dig much about, maybe I will learn more about him after hearing from you.
      Blessings ❤️

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  2. You’re absolutely right, the best way of contacting with God I’d through meditation. Salah is one prime example. If we manage to lay the worldly concerns to s side before it.

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