Patience. To me is the key in everything that I do. Since I woke up in the morning, when I left home and everything in between untill I am back home. If I encounter a situation that makes me lose my temper, I ask/tell myself ‘in situation like this how would our Prophet(PBUH) would have reacted?’ I cool down then, I do as how Prophet(PBUH) could have done. It is not easy, and it will never be easy to have patience. Patience is not something that you will choose. Like; I want to have patience now. But since my goal in life is to be as good as I can ever be, then I choose to wait. Sometimes, I choose patience in a ‘mean’ way by letting the person maybe I am interracting with know that I am mad, but at the same time I do not do anything stupid. Sometimes I just quietly walk away, pretending that nothing happened but deep down inside dissapointed/mad. Sometimes with a big smile in my face, and I have come to realize that many people do not like that kind of response, they would prefer me frown. But hey, frown for who!? The one who created me love big time, and favors me daily by allowing me to see other day everyday; fresh air to breath, praying five times a day, do good whenever necessary to strangers or the people that I know. I am not bragging, but I will be very ungrateful if I wont acknowledge those because also it made me appreciate life, especially when things does not seem to go the way I planned!

And again who is the best planner? He is Allah(SW) ,the One and very Only, the First and the Last, the Magnificent. All the beautiful names He is. Each and everything belongs to Him.


31 thoughts on “Patience”

  1. Wonderful words, and I admire what you do when faced with situations that anger you. Your feelings are never wrong because they are always true, it’s the actions we perform with those feelings that determine right or wrong.🌹

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  2. Ma Sha Allah ♥️

    Patience is indeed a great virtue. Nice post. I enjoyed reading it. May Almighty Allah make it easy for us to internalise and practice patience in our interactions 🌺

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  3. Alhamdulillah. So good to know a muslim brother exercising patience and not hurting fellow human beings. You will get reward both in this world and after world.

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