23 thoughts on “Isn’t it?”

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more Zaujat but saying it and doing it are not necessarily one and the same thing. As Jesus (Isa), the Prophet that Muslims recognize as the greatest of all Prophets, pointed out in Matthew 5:28 (But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart), the evil that is within man comes from within the heart (internal nature of man) of man, and men or women, within themselves alone (via their own internal resources of will etc), are powerless to change that because it involves not only what we do but also what we think. Hence the requirement for the new birth (being born again) that Jesus talks about in John 3:3, where God’s spirit dwells within us and our hearts and minds are changed, is the only way in which mankind can truly change. Saying no is not enough, consistently not doing evil is what is required and therein lies the problem of humanity without God. I think that we all fail to recognize the depths to which evil dwells within us. Please note that I mean you no disrespect at all, just commenting. Blessings.

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  2. And the Tao would tell you to be governed by your heart, not your mind. All interesting food for thought. Thank you also for the follow. Sorry, but I’ve had WP difficulties in commenting on your site.

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  3. Indeed. I, myself, have been subject to the occasional fits of rage, the craving for vengeance, and one would think this could be something to easily ward off. It is not. It is always something addictive.

    Evil is necessary to comprehend the good of the world. For we cannot have the star in the universe, so bright as it is, without the surrounding darkness. We’d not see it, if the darkness was just as bright.

    The best thing I say to “do” about evil is to leave it alone. It is a demon that demands to be fed. If it is offered attention, it will not vanish. It will simply grow larger. It will be like a swollen leech, feasting on the nutrients in blood. Like a scab. If one simply leaves the scab alone, it will heal, on its own. But, too many people find fun in picking at it, until it must start over in its healing process.

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