Good VS Evil

Allah is the ultimate Creator and He creates whatever He wishes. Amongst His creations are angels, jinn and human beings, each one of these endowed with different qualities.

Angels are created from light (although they are not light). They are the perfect slaves of Allah with the attribute of constant worship. They do not have any free choice, and therefore have no ability to disobey or rebel. Angels are not subject to emotions, desires, temptation or the capacity to do evil. They are wholly submissive to Allah, each one a diligent slave of Allah. In their natural form, angels are unseen to the human eye.

Jinn (Satan or the devil) are created from the tip of a flame, the part which flickers and is unstable (although they are not fire). They have been granted the freedom of choice. Some of them have good qualities, but most of the jinn are disobedient and arrogant to the Creator. The disobedient of the jinn are called Shaitan (Satan) because of their evil qualities. In their natural form, jinn are invisible to the human eye.

Human beings are created from clay, although they are not clay. Humans can be good or evil, soft or hard, kind or cruel, generous or stingy in nature. Each individual has different attributes. Human beings can be good or bad depending on how much of the jinn and their natural temptations that they submit to. The human being constantly battles to overpower his evil qualities so as to be closer to the angels in submission and behaviour.

The battle between good and evil influences our personal behaviour, and this impacts the rest of the world.

Allah created both good and evil as a trial for us:

“And We have made some of you as trial for others: will you have patience? And your Lord is Ever All-Seer (of everything).” (Al-Qur’an, v 25:20)

This is one of the fundamental beliefs and purposes of creation. The Creator has placed us on earth to check our choices. We have the straight path, which that of obedience and submission. We also have the crooked and deviant path, which is to obey our desire and that of the jinn. Only those who stay on the correct path are protected from the persuasions of the devil and the reckless behaviour of our desires, but this is an ongoing struggle for everyone.

Allah SWT has granted both human being and jinn levels of power, knowledge, and weakness. He tells us “if you come to Me and seek My Guidance I will give you power and knowledge to overcome your weakness.” If we choose otherwise, we will become selfish, disobedient, prone wrongdoing, and ultimately be weakened. The deviant path places us in darkness and uncertainty, bereft of happiness or tranquility in this life or the hereafter.

The Qu’ran clearly states the consequences of each path. However the choice is ours.

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