Money, Fame, Beauty– Is this enough?

We think happiness in life comes with the combination of money, fame and beauty.

If richness buys security and happiness, how come so many rich people are disillusioned, miserable and depressed? How many rich people need counseling and medication for stress and anger, and cannot even enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep? How many successful businessmen can enjoy even ten minutes of peace a day without having to worry about a missed phone call or email which will potentially cost them millions?

How many people need drugs just to calm down and think straight in order to cope with their everyday environment? How many rich people and even people in rich nations have unhappy marriages, lead troubled lives, suffer depression and die humiliating deaths? What is the use of all the money when it does not lead to a peaceful state of mind?

Evaluate how celebrities and other famous and beautiful people can lose their beauty. Child actors are no longer cute when they grow up, adults are no longer beautiful once they grow old. A beautiful person will be in the limelight, but just for a while, before age takes over or a more beautiful person comes along and the attention shifts to the new person. Being beautiful and famous does not guarantee a happy life or a lasting marriage. How many beautiful people lead unhappy lives, suffer from failed relationships and turn towards substance abuse for gratification? How many of their lives, in spite of their fame, money, beauty and stardom, feel such despair that they end it all with suicide?

How many beautiful people still feel lonely, unloved and empty, no matter how stunning their physical features? How many good looking people still have partners who cheat on them?

The appeal of beauty is short lived, and after a short while, people lose interest. If beauty is the key to happiness, why are celebrity magazines brimming with reports of failed relationships, drug abuse, infidelity, and even suicide, amongst the most beautiful people on earth?

Like beauty, fame is temporary. It is wonderful to be in the spotlight for your academic qualifications or successful job achievements, but how does this fame help you cope with the demands of your daily life, and your daily needs for happiness? If fame is the key to happiness, why have famous athletes, businessmen, socialites and even popular people within your community committed suicide?

It means that their fame was not enough to remedy the misery that their souls were bearing. And even so, you can be famous today, and tomorrow, you are yesterday’s news. People may congratulate your achievements today, and six months from now, they won’t even remember your name. Once the applause has died, so do their interests. Look at the ex prime ministers and presidents in the world, the leaders, the achievers, the inventors – how many of them were surrounded by love, dignity and filled with contentment to the end of their lives?

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