No One?

If you do not find anyone to cry to, to confide, to tell how tired you are and you can no longer carry on, you have the best being available all the time… The Creator, Allah SWT. He will never leave you alone. He knows you, He knows everything inside out. He is willing to forgive you. He loves forgiving, He can cleanse you, He can decorate you with qualities you do not possess, elevate you, pick you up from the dirt and polish you into a dazzling star, to be special in His Kingdom. He can even choose you to work for Him. He doesn’t care about your sins, if you are willing to acknowledge that He is forgiving and merciful. If you trust Him and believe in Him, no such thing is too big or too bad. A wise man mentioned that falling down, making mistakes or committing sins is not the problem. The real problem is to continue and to not want to stop it.

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