Victorious VS Defeated

Today, we are hardwired to believe that a sign of victory when things fall into place in the way and time that we like. We feel triumphant, for example, when our husbands, wives and children behave in the way we want. We feel proud if our children are extremely cute and intelligent. If the opposite happens – our marriages are not successful, our children are not as adorable as our friends’ – we feel defeated.

This way of thinking is in fact, a sign of arrogance and defeat. Why should we feel defeated for failing to be able to control a situation or other people’s personalities or looks? We are not the owners of their souls – we are not the creator.

Those who are defeated will always be in a state of stress, panic and ingratitude. Whenever an incident touches them, the drama is magnified because they usually react by cursing and complaining. They place so many hopes on the condition, and cannot handle it whenever a glitch occurs. They place reliance on the ability and influence other men and women, and disregard the presence of Allah and His ability to change their conditions.

If our thoughts are dominated by striving for our journey of faith, the love of Allah and His Prophet, the journey of death, the Day of Judgment, in trying to better ourselves and seeking the knowledge of Allah, we are already victorious, even if we don’t see the results. If the surroundings in this life – spouses, jobs, status, children, money – don’t influence us, then we are victorious.

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