A Permanent Fix

Once we change our anchor from life in this dunia to Allah and life in the hereafter, we will realize that our motivations and internal driving force will change. For if our hearts are firmly fixed upon obtaining validation from Allah, we simply will not have time or inclination to dwell on our petty and inconsequential issues. If the love and alliance to Allah has given us a firm footing, we will not be blown away or crippled by the trivialities of this dunia.

Whenever a stumbling block appears in our paths, we will realize that it is a test from Allah, and as long as we apply the right criteria in reacting to the problems by having faith, patience and sincerity, Allah will be with us to guide us towards overcoming such obstacle. Instead of giving up whenever our way forward is obstructed, we will thank Allah for putting such obstructions in place, and turn to Allah to help us through. At every death, loss, disappointment, frustration, we will realize that such events happened for our own good and will strengthen us, not break us.

For every hope that is dashed and every opportunity that is lost, we will realize that it is for our best, if only we knew. Instead of losing hope or giving up, we will realize that for as long as we hold on to the rope of Allah, nothing is insurmountable.

We will constantly remind ourselves that everything in this life, and every situation is temporary, whatever comes upon will, be it good or bad, will pass like the shifting sands. Instead of letting our sadness control our existence, we will instead be able to control our sadness. With every tribulation that Allah places upon us, our hearts will fill with joy in the certain knowledge of every believer, that with every hardship comes ease. In the reliance of such knowledge, knowing that we have the best of Protectors, how can anyone feel sorrow?

So long as our relationship with Allah is firmly established and rooted in our hearts, we will no longer need to define our happiness by superficial dunia yardsticks that we inflict on ourselves.

And that is the permanent fix, not just some fleeting solution, but one that will make your heart sing, heal all the wounds that false hopes of this dunia inflicted on it, and will be our guiding light in this world and into the next.

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