Fear of the Unknown

Human beings, by nature, are scared of anything unknown. The unknown makes us uneasy and anxious. If you go into a dark room and you can’t see what’s inside, you are fearful. If you are driving on an unknown road and the signboard at the junction is missing, you feel lost and nervous. If you are in a boat, the engine stalls, or a storm is brewing, you feel insecure and wish to escape.

Recall how stressed you felt while waiting for exam results, or the outcome of a job interview, or a critical doctor’s diagnosis. How your heartbeat accelerated, or your breath was uneven with anxiety, or you felt palpitations or broke out in cold sweat – and how you couldn’t think calmly and rationally during these times.

Anything unknown puts you in a state of unease, making you uncertain, lose confidence, consumed with doubt until you become weak.

You are grasping in the dark, seeking, desperate for knowledge, for the correct directions, a torchlight or a beacon of guidance.

No matter how powerful or rich we are, young or old, we need the map. We need the torchlight and the beacon, we need support, power and knowledge. We need someone to show us the light of wisdom. We need this guidance so that it will navigate us out of the unknown. The guidance to lead us out of the darkness and into the light.

Once we know where we are going and how to get there, then the fear, the shadows, the doubt and the uncertainty are all gone.

The way is very simple. If we need the map, and we have to humble ourselves and ask.

Everything was created by someone or something. You are a creation. The earth that you are standing on is a creation. The universe is a creation. Life is a creation. All these did not happen by themselves. All events are also creations. Conditions did not create themselves, rather, there is an ultimate Controller who generated all these events. If the Creator can create everything from the largest constellations to the most minute atom, then it is not difficult for the same Creator to create the conditions that we live in every second of our lives.

Use your mind and your faculties and the intelligence that you have been bestowed with, and you will realize the magnitude and implication of what is happening around you. These are not small questions, these are serious issues and realities that you need to comprehend and accept.

Look at the creation around you, and how all creation comes to an end. How many earthquakes take a second? How many volcanoes have erupted unexpectedly? How many tsunami? Who is causing them? What is the message? What is the wisdom behind it?

If there is a Creator of these conditions, then who else but the Creator can help in a time of loss, weakness, diseases, illness, vulnerability, loneliness and death? The people we rely on in our lives: from our parents, spouses, bosses to presidents – even they are all creations of the Creator. They have no better control over events than we do. So isn’t it better to rely on the Creator rather than on His temporary creations?

Let us wake up to the truth and let’s try to reach and seek the guidance, map, light, wisdom, security and happiness, with the only One who can supply it, the Owner of the treasure of everything, the known and the unknown the seen and unseen, past, present and future.


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